ECCO shoes
Founded in Denmark in 1963, ECCO® footwear is a global leader in innovative comfort footwear for men, ladies and kids. The NW Materials Art show in Portland, OR is a one of a kind event in one of the most prominent sneaker capitals of the world. The 2-day event showcases materials and components suppliers from around the world.
Founded in 2016, verygood.travel is centered around a trusted community of travelers who wish to discover and book trips curated by certified travel agents throughout Latin America. Whether it’s exploring the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos, wine tasting in Mendoza or cruising through the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, verygood.travel connects travelers to a unique experience in more than 12 countries throughout Latin America. And with a growing need to live and think sustainably, verygood.travel is the easiest way for you to convert your travels into positive social impact. Full content and social strategy collaboration. Content creation in the form of writing, photography, blog and social also produced. Live @ www.verygood.travel.com
We are the Rebel Rousers, the Black Sheep, and the Queer Outsiders. We are the weirdos, the nonconformists, and the oddballs. We are the misunderstood and the underestimated. And we’re putting our collective middle fingers up and saying f*ck your racism. F*ck your sexism. F*ck your homophobia and transphobia and xenophobia and whatever phobia you haven’t even thought to be scared of yet. We are your neighbor, your cousin, your best friend. We are you.
2016 Copa América Centenario
National Nike campaign for the 2016 Copa América Centenario tournament being hosted across various cities in the United States. Created engaging and compelling content- in the form of t shirts- around the unity and global spirit of the tournament. The vision was simple.  SPARK BRILLIANCE.  How do we make it resonate across diverse groups of people in Latin America? We translate it. Literally.  ILUMENA EL JUEGO.
Daily people everywhere are readily open to express themselves as they please. FreekyBadges is the most exciting outlet that provides an ‘in-your-face’ flare to help relay your message. FREEKYBADGES© Transforms original portraits, patterns and phrases into 3 inch photo buttons. Illustrating fun, edge and wit since '08. FREEKYBADGES© boasts freedom of speech, art, and fantasy since forever.
Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP
Independently pursued the reformatting and design of boutique law firm web page, ultimately increasing visibility to a 30 year old business solely afloat by the power of referral.
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